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 Shri Prabodh Mahajan, is a Business Consultant, Civic Activist and Social Environmentalist. He is extremely passionate and deeply involved in the Reformation that is taking place in the Indian System of Education. He is a staunch supporter of the Vedic system of education. Shri. Prabodh Mahajan vociferously champions for the cause of quality education. His thrust has always been on providing the best to the children in DAV schools across the country. He strongly advocates that children are the torch bearers of the nation and hence all the efforts and endeavours should focus only on them. Shri Prabodh Mahajan intensely believes in the propagation of the DAV Movement, which is the confluence of the East and the West. His profound knowledge of the Vedas and Vedic Culture has provided an impetus to the movement which is to rekindle the spirit of Indianness and Values in each one of us. He has chaired significant positions and has widely travelled to U.S.A., Canada, Japan and European Countries


He believes in team spirit and gave us tremendous confidence. The inner search, faith in one’s inherent goodness and determination to overcome one’s negative emotions will kindle the spiritual awakening, leading to more good in the society. His optimist perfection in ethics and values has been a square of constant support and motivation.


We thank him for his outstanding contribution towards our school as he gives a lot of emphasis on imbibing traditional value system so as to retain Indian ethos.

Mr. Prabodh Mahajan

(Vice President, DAVCMC New Delhi & Chairman of the School)

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