Brij Lal Road K. B. Dharamshala, Kangra-176215

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Thank you for your interest in our school, BD DAV Public School Dharamshala. I am privileged to be the Principal of this esteemed Institution.
Our mission is to carry forward the ethos, traditions, and values of DAV to nurture our students to realize their potential and achieve happiness and success in a harmonious learning environment.
BD DAV Public School Dharamshala is cradled in the lap of nature. The school promises a conducive learning environment for children for their holistic development. We advocate innovative pedagogy to nurture creativity and life skills which matter in real life situations. Education is not only for learning information but to nurture critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, and other relevant skills to create a good citizen and a responsible human being. We believe in a system which caters to the social, moral, and emotional development of our children, leading to an all-round development.
There is a commitment to an integrated curriculum approach through enquiry learning. The development of higher order thinking skills, risk taking, adaptability, cooperation, communication skills are fostered. Our dedicated and competent staff enjoys a professional learning community that works collaboratively to cater to the needs of diversified learners. We continue our professional learning and growth so that we are able to develop engaging units of study and high expectations for students.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a paradigm shift in the thought process and lifestyle of every individual. The entire world has witnessed a massive transformation in the field of education. For such hard times, life skills are required that would enable an individual to cope with such challenges in real life. BD DAV Dharamshala is dedicated to providing our students with such skills, which are critical for competing and succeeding in today's world.
There may be challenges, some anticipated, some unanticipated, but we are most certain that the blessings and teachings of Swami Dayanand and Mahatma Hansraj Ji will always direct us towards the right path. The support and guidance of our mentors President Padma Shri Dr. Punam Suri, Chairman Sh. Prabodh Mahajan, ARO Sh. G.K Bhatnagar, Manager Sh. V.K Yadav and all stakeholders ensure that BD DAV Public School Dharamshala will achieve new heights.

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Brij Lal Road K. B. Dharamshala,
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